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The Weekly WanderLIST is the 5 top people, places, or pieces of content that *brightened* my week (and I hope you will find insightful, too!) 

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Friday, April 14th 

The top 5 people, places or pieces of content
that brightened my week 

(and I think you will find insightful, too!)



How to Find the Purpose of Life (A Case Study of a High-Powered Woman)
(on LifeHack.org)

Beautiful words & example of what to do when you feel lost & overwhelmed working on your “big vision” goals  Remember that small steps matter.


How the Founder of Poo-Pourri Used Intuition to Start a $300 Million Company
(on the Marie Forleo Show)

A great reminder to “trust your instincts” and follow what lights you up inside and LITERALLY gives you the butterflies inside.

Listen around 4:25 on (or 12:00 on) specifically for the parts talking about how “everything is an energetic vibration”.


Marriage Secrets from a Divorce Lawyer with James Sexton
(on the School of Greatness Podcast with Lewis Howes)

Whether you’re married—about to get married—thinking about/seeing marriage in your cards—-are divorced—from a divorced family—having struggles with your marriage—know someone else is happily married (or struggling)….you get the picture. We all can find some nuggest of truth in something in this podcast. (like this truth:  we all want just want to be truly SEEN by our partners).

Listen to the Podcast Now


Definitely NOT in a snow mode, but this Instagram picture from REI took my breath away…


Thoughts are prettttty powerful. Prolonged periods of ongoing stress (and the burnout that it brings) literally change and alter your brain anatomy(!) This is science-backed knowledge.

Although I “knew” this in a sense, reading it while typing into Google one day felt like reading it for the first time. So if you’re in a place where you’re constantly pushing yourself or feeling super unsettled about a situation, some regular R&R NEEDS to be penciled in your schedule!  Check out these actionable tips to recharge your brain (and brain cells).

BRIGHT Lesson of the Week: 

Keep a Cool Head & a Warm Heart (& Settle IN)

Even if your outer world is feeling unsettled—and you can’t seem to shake off those winter blues—slow down. Take time to get reacquainted (and *come home*) to yourself.

Hope you have a wanderful weekend (even if it’s cold & probably snowing if you’re in Wisconsin).

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Your fellow trailblazer,
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