WELCOME to“Products for Body/Mind/Soul.” Here will be separate PAGES (which you can click on numbers below at the very bottom)  This will feature a wide range of product or service lists for different types of people, activities, and moods. At the top of each page (excepting this one), you will always find a running page list of gift/services I’m suggesting. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of each to page to click on the Page Number for whatever list(s) you’d like to browse.

I do believe that products—if chosen and thought about carefully—can impact your life for the better.

For me, that might mean a pass to my all-time favorite yoga studio. . .or running shoes I absolutely love and get great daily use out of. A mindful purchase will mean different things to every individual. Don’t make the mistake of believing a product itself will change your life (because it won’t). But if YOU decide to change or enhance your habits/exercises, these products can help you go the extra mile (or keep you grounded).  

As a former retail copywriter, I know how scaringly impulsive our buying habits can be. Hence, I urge you to truly consider and analyze your budget, frequency of future use, and your attitude before clicking that “Purchase” button. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can sometimes support EXPERIENCES that do bring joy throughout your life journey.

Please note that many of the products I show will be Amazon affiliates. This means that when you click on a product or image (and purchase it), I may receive a small commission. . .at no cost to you!

Thanks for exploring these products — which I hope can offer some BRIGHT gift ideas (or service recommendations)  for yourself and others you love.

Pg. 2: Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast