WELCOME to Products for Body/Mind/Soul.

I do believe that certain merchandise—if chosen and thought about carefully—can impact your life for the better.

For me, that might mean a pass to my all-time favorite yoga studio. . .or running shoes I absolutely love and get great daily use out of. A mindful purchase will mean different things to every individual. Don’t make the mistake of believing a product itself will change your life (because it won’t). But if YOU decide to change or enhance your habits/exercises, these products can help you go the extra mile (or keep you grounded).  

As a former retail copywriter, I know how scaringly impulsive our buying habits can be. Hence, I urge you to truly consider and analyze your budget, frequency of future use, and your attitude before clicking that “Purchase” button.

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can sometimes support EXPERIENCES that do bring joy throughout your life journey.

Thanks for exploring these products — which I hope can offer some BRIGHT gift ideas (or service recommendations)  for yourself and others you love.

GIFTS for the Outdoor Enthusiast

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

John Muir

It’s time. Your season to EXPLORE.  To get away from it all. Your moment to rise and shine; no mountain too high to climb.

Are you READY? I’ll help you power-pack with products to support your journey (or your outdoorsy friends’ or family members’).  Compliment after with my microadventures post (which shows you don’t have to travel far to fulfill your wanderlust).  Enjoy!


Suretex Unisex Hiking/Camping/Outdoor Backpack 

Whether you’re headed near or far this outdoor backpack has got you (and all your gear) covered rain or shine! It carries up to a load of 60-70 pounds, is crafted in in high-quality waterproof nylon for rainy or river escapades,  and has plenty of special pockets, plus three roomy compartments (one main, two separate). Straps and waists belt are extra padded, and back is supplied with additional support and air ventilation. Customers seem to have nothing to say but high praise. Choose from this army green style or 5 other natural/bold nature hues.


S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Double Wall, 17 oz, Aspen

You can’t help but WANT to swig your water with a bottle this beautiful! Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to the reusable S’well ones.  Equal parts artistic and environmental-friendly, each bottle is made with an eye-catching print and made with premium-grade 18/8 stainless steel that’s non-toxic, non-leaching, and BPA-free. Drinks (H20 or not) stay cool for over 24 hours OR hot for 12 hours. I’m loving this Aspen mountain inspired bottle above. . .I feel the mountains remind us of the grand beauty that resides within us and before us.. . .so whatever your goals or trek ahead, keep climbing!

Sure, these bottles are slightly more expensive, but note that every S’well product bought supports and donates a percentage of sales to UNICEF USA, American Forests, Drink Up and (RED). All help water programs and/or provide clean, safe water to parts of the world that need it most. ??


Vasque Women’s Grand Traverse Hiking Shoes

For all those female hikers and non-hikers alike, these shoes are the perfect pair for any level.  I actually have the purple ones at the top and my mom has the coral ones. We both bought them at REI.com for our trip to Hawaii this past January. We hiked way more than we had thought we would have (from volcano craters to Waimea Canyon State Park, “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, around waterfalls, and so much more — and these shoes truly really took us in stride! They’re cuter in person even and are the perfect weight balance of lightweight and sturdy (plus are super comfortable). Never once did our heels or toes ache from all-day ventures. Wear these for nature outings near or far — you won’t regret it!


Books: Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer and Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed 

Books can be the most perspective-changing tools out there. Feed your mind with these rightfully popular stories of explorers.  Both protagonists in these true stories (Christopher McCandless and Cheryl Strayed herself) seek to discover the depths of their minds and souls. who they are in the through the most sublime and saddest moments in their lives. Not to mention they are inspired by REAL stories (especially Cheryl’s own!). Both show the complicated beauty and struggles of family, and of finding one’s own journey and self along the way.

I’ve read both books (and watched the films, which are fantastic in their own right), and am still in awe of the therapeutic effect that nature can have upon us.. . .both in the grand sublime and sadness of life.  Read these whether cooped up at home or out camping in the wilderness!


    BIMANGO Stainless Steel Travel Lens Mug Thermos, 13.5oz

Oh, snap! This brilliant camera lens travel mug will make every sip one to savor — especially when enjoying the sunrise, sunset or some other gorgeous nature view. For those true photographers out there, you already know this mug is a spitting replica of the Canon Lens Model EF 24 – 105mmm f / 4L IS USM Lens. The13.5oz. inside is made from extra-fine stainless steel while the outside is made from 100% BPA free plastic. So take off and capture the moment — with coffee in hand.


Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Tall, dark and handsome — it’s the one! Skip the knockoffs (trust me, I’ve tried and have those cheap T.J. Maxx knockoffs), but no other bottle has stood up to the Stanley Classic standards. This bottle does not leak, and the top lid serves as the perfect mini sipping cup .  I have “borrowed” my brother’s Stanley on too many times too count — and it’s great for camping, lugging to work, road trips and everything in between. If you drink a lot of coffee like me (or tea/hot chocolate, you name it),  this 1.1qt. sized thermos counts for 3+ of those mediocre, overpriced Starbucks cups.  Swig on!


Myathle Women’s Ankle Length Printed Legging Stretchy Yoga Pants with Inner Pocket

Stand out on the path in these galaxy print yoga pants! There’s a lot of patterns to choose from, but something about this”Starry Night” pair feels extra magical. They’re performance-friendly (made with ultra-drying, premium elastic stretch) and have mini hidden pockets that are perfect for keys, money or other small essentials. Whether worn for errand runs or nature outings, you’ll look out-of-this-world cool (wink, wink).


Explore Notes – Travel Notebooks – Black 3-Pack

Never stop LEARNING. Exploring the outdoors is ultimately a metaphor for exploring your own body, mind and soul and how far they’ll go. Make sure to stop and take in your thoughts and feelings — and record them!  Journaling is no longer just a “dear diary” moment. Write down bullet points of ideas for passion projects or blog posts later that come to mind. List animals or plants you see. Jot down places you’ve visited and some neat (or hilarious) memories associated with that place you visit. Remember that is is a 3-pack, so you can actually keep one in different spots (backpack, tent, car…) for whenever inspiration strikes.

Samsung LED Camping/Lantern/Portable Flashlight Emergency Light Tent Bulbs

Want to show off your bright (and colorful) personality everywhere you go? Just bring along one or all of these cute mini light bulbs along in your purse or attach to your keys, backpack, bike, car rearview mirror, patio beams (as decor), heading to those dark camping bathroom stalls, or wherever you please. Each is made from water-resistant and eco-friendly ABS materials and has 3 multifunctional modes (full brightness, half brightness, and SOS). and are claimed to light up an entire campsite, although a dimmer is always available. Good things do come in small packages. ✨

STAY COZYOldelf Tactical Heavyweight Balaclava Outdoor Sports Mask

Love the outdoors, but hate the cold? This heavyweight outdoor sports mask has you covered — literally and figuratively! Made from cozy faux fleece, this one-and-done piece is perfect for late fall or winter outdoor excursions. It’ll keep out the chill and wind, and can be worn as a hoodie hat, snood, scarf or mask; simply adjust and tighten drawstrings as needed.  Cover your chin, mouth, and/or face all at the same time, or uncover parts as needed. Not to mention that extended front/back flaps tuck into the back of a collar and adds even extra warmth.  So go ahead and nix that hat-scarf combo…this mask is a cozier choice.


E Tronic Edge Waist Pack: Best Running Belt/Fanny Pouch

Want to stay ahead of the pack? Then focus on that hiking or running form and keep all your essentials in one nifty place! This sleek waist pouch (available in this hot pink, a lime green, and a black) is your answer!  Not only does this accessory hold all cell phone models big and small (plus keys, cash and more), but it’s also water-resistant, sweatproof, and flexes and bend with you without distorting the shape.  Bring along a drink for the long haul (which you can fit comfortably in the drink holster).  If it’s getting dark, stay safe by snapping on two included reflective bands. And hit the outdoors without your hands full!

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What outdoor products are necessities for you? Share your inspiration and recommendations in the comments! 

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission (with no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase using these links. Thanks for your support, and feel free to email me with any questions!