“Once you become clearer on the tenants of who you are—the characteristics, skills, personality, and purpose that compose your unique identity—your personal brand can serve as an authoritative compass for your career and your life.”

Joseph Liu

Whatever is going on in my life (good or tough), I tend to follow 1-3 leaders for that month to inspire and guide me during this time. How privileged are we to live in a time where expert advice and empowerment are a mere click away?!  That’s why I was inspired to create this “Spotlight On a Trailblazer” category. These posts will briefly highlight one authentic leader I follow (and reasons why you should too). I’ll typically start off with a preview of this entrepreneur and how he or she has impacted my own personal life or mindset. Then I save the best for last with a list of a few of this leader’s blog posts, videos, or programs.

With that being said, I’m shining a light first on one of my favorite career & branding coaches: Joseph Liu!

I discovered Joseph on a whim — in an act of desperation, really. I had just gotten home after a long night of overtime, feeling drained and spazzed-out at the same time. At this point, this was simply part of my work week routine. But that particular night, I threw a mixed pity & motivation party (quite the “-+” cocktail, eh?) and was typing in “I hate my job, what to do about it” searches in YouTube. Pathetic, but true. . .maybe relatable? There were a lot of entertaining videos out there, but Joseph Liu was a breath of fresh air. I was captivated. His delivery was so minimalist yet packed with truth. My mind and soul were stirred. I watched every video possible of his that night, and have followed his website (and epic career change podcast) ever since.

Who is Joseph Liu? He titles himself as a Career Consultant & Brand Marketer. He essentially helps you navigate the messy space between realizing you’re on the wrong career path, and what to do to make the courageous leap to a new one — and why it’s worth it.

Joseph offers mass appeal and sound advice to ALL –  from what to do between jobs and how to recognize job burnout to how to make a job you despite more tolerable. Joseph is equal parts personable and professional.  His grounded perspective is easy to connect to — whether you’re male or female, workaholic or master procrastinator, or someone who makes decisions more with your head or more with your heart.

Joseph’s up-and-down career journey is fascinating alone. Calling quits on the corporate office & advertising life after 7 years? Dropping out of medical school after 2 weeks when he knew in his bones it wasn’t the right path for him? Moving to a new country to be closer to his girlfriend (now wife), without a job on the horizon? Talk about a trailblazer right there! Joseph’s professional adventures and determination to find his “true north” are an absolute inspiration.

I can confidently say that Joseph’s content helped inspire me during a time I felt stuck on the beaten retail copywriting path. After so many months of flipping out application after application, I finally was able to start a NEW job on August 1 — a slight but significant dial shift on the career compass from advertising retail writing (goodbye, coupons & 3-word “Dress to Impress” puns) to a more organic and longer-form writing voice again. Ironic timing with this whole “nature” blog, but I am now a Marketing Writer for a landscape company, where I create and edit content for internal newsletters (interviewing like my Journalism high school days!), national & state landscaping project award submissions, and the company magazine that showcases landscape projects & outdoor inspiration. Let’s just say I already feel more aligned with MY true nature at the moment.  Plus a private office with a window overlooking a vegetable garden and a small pond doesn’t hurt — a far cry from my 3 years in caged cubicle farms. Who knows where my path will be next? For now, this is definitely a step in the “bright” direction for me.

Are you feeling the nudge to try a new career path, too? Let Joseph Liu guide you. Below are a few content samples of his to get you inspired:


If you feel tired, stressed-out & unlike “the true you”  in your current job:

If the question”What do you do for a living?” sends you spiraling off to an existential crisis:


If you don’t value or believe in the company/organization you work for. . .and dream of striking out on your own:

Creating Steady Progress, with Anne Tumlinson- CR003

If you’re tired of work that is stressfully reactive & fast-paced. . . and you dream of delving into projects more creatively & consciously:

Finding Your Flow, With Zai Divecha – CR008


If you’re wondering what mindset/attitude YOU personally need to tackle career change: 

“Four Powerful Paths Toward a New Career” (on Joseph Liu’s blog)

If you’re someone who fears personal critiques (& construction criticism) of your work:

“What Happened When I Followed Some Unwanted Advice”  (on Joseph Liu’s blog)

No matter the content type, Joseph Liu gets to the core of what “personal branding” and choosing a career is about: showing up and being TRUE to your authentic gifts and personality (on and off the clock). We spend 40+ hours a week at our jobs, so we may as well continue getting closer to what environment, positions, and tasks light us up the most. ?

I hope you enjoy Joseph Liu’s grounded career advice as much as I do!  What is your opinion on Joseph Liu? Are there any other career-change leaders you love? Share in the comments!

Hannah Fredenberg

I'm Hannah - happy to meet you! I live in the (frequently chilly) Midwest city of Milwaukee, yet keep a sunny disposition year-round. I’m a corporate copywriter by day, creative blog writer by night (or morning). I light up my life with writing, reading, running, yoga & soaking in the Great Outdoors as often as possible. I'm here to help YOU dig deep and uncover your real roots (who you authentically are) so you can start to align your inner & outer worlds -- one step at a time.


Hannah Fredenberg · September 1, 2017 at 8:34 pm

P.S. Also be sure to check out Joseph Liu’s course on Udemy: “Professional Branding: Raise Your Professional Profile.” I HIGHLY recommend taking it!

Think of everytime you send out a resume/cover letter, sell your skills in an interview, or discuss your passion project or side hustle to someone professional. THEN ask yourself if you TRULY have a cohesive & strong message (vocally and visually). This is especially important when you apply for a job that you want with all your heart…or when you switch careers and struggle to bridge the gap between what you know and where you want to go. I took this course myself, and as someone with a busy/scattered mind (and not the best “presentational” skills…I get awkwardly tongue-tied!), this course really helped me pinpoint and practice rehearsing what my strengths are and where I want to go with them. Plus anyone enrolled can go back to lessons as often as they’d like!

Below is the link for the course (+ be on the lookout for discounts on JosephPLiu.com!) ENJOY.

Shauna · September 4, 2017 at 8:58 pm

I absolutely LOVE this category Hannah and a new voice to listen to! Thanks for sharing;)

    Hannah Fredenberg · September 5, 2017 at 12:07 am

    Thanks, Shauna!! Be on the lookout in the future for a spotlight on one my favorite yoga teachers/mentors of all time. . . ? ? ?

دینامیک کهکشان · November 28, 2017 at 9:58 am

Hello ,I read it, interesting. gracias

    Hannah Fredenberg · December 4, 2017 at 6:09 am

    Thank you! Be sure to check out josephpliu.com and the Career Relaunch podcast from here, too 🙂

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